Bosch Example 4: Turn Signal Integrated Parking Lights

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Pin 30: Use this wire to tap into your battery positive OR your parking light positive. (see note 1)
Pin 85: Connect this to the turn signal positive feed. (see note 2)
Pin 86: Connect this pin straight to a solid ground source. (see note 2)
Pin 87: This pin should be connected to a bulb that you want to flash WITH the turn signals.
Pin 87a: This pin should be connected to a bulb that you want to flash OPPOSITE the turn signals, and also act as a parking/running light when the turn signals are off. (see note 3)

1) Pin 30: One or two bulbs can be connected to the parking light circuit, if you connect more than two bulbs then please wire it to a fused connection straight from your battery (use a cut-off switch if you run this straight to your battery, or connect it to an ignition switched positive circuit).
2) Pins 85/86: These pins can be connected in reverse order and the relay will still operate as normal.
3) Pin 87a: If you have pin 30 connected straight to your battery then this bulb will always be on. Connect pin 30 to an ignition switched circuit for this to turn off when the car is off, or route pin 30 through its own cut-off switch.