IS300 Haltech Elite 2500 install notes

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IS300 Elite 2500 wire diagram
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    Wiring Changes on the 2002-2005 IS300
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  • Remove all BR (brown) grounds from manifold (pics 1 & 2). Connect them together if they're cut. Don't ground to engine!
  • Find injector power on gray plug(pic 3), wire to Haltec injector relay pin87.
  • Find ignition power also on gray plug, near INJ power(pic 4), wire to Haltech ignition relay pin87. Run a separate power wire from this power wire INTO Haltech pin A26.
  • remove Toyota MAF, add 2 or 3 pin (I used a Haltech "GM Style" air intake temp. PN HT-010206). Add near TB inlet but away from heat.
  • Optional: Disconnect OEM APPS and TB motor.
  • Disconnect TPS pin 3. Leave disconnected.
  • Replace R-Y wire (red w/ yellow stripe) on VVTi with B-R (black/red) (pics 5 & 6).
  • Cam and Crank position sensors share a (-) signal, separate and wire each (-) individually.
  • Connect all other sensors and output devices to the appropriate pins on the Elite 2500.
  • Note: L-Y (Blue with Yellow stripe) on the IS300 is 5v supply from the ECU. This stays separate from all 12v power and will connect to the Elite 2500.
  • Optional:Sever 5v (L-Y) power wire going to Vapor Pressure Sensor and reconnect to IS300 ECU if you're keeping your IS300 ECU to run in parallel
  • Coolant temp sensor: Pull the Red wire from ECU pin (_) and connect to a Haltech Elite AVI (example: ). Your gauge cluster temp will not work anymore.
  • Oil temp sensor:
  • TPS sensor:

Ground Front Mani Ground Mid Mani Injector Power Feed Ignition Power Feed 5 vvti before 6 vvti after