2JZ reshim (valve lash adjustment)

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The spreadsheet is fully editable and can be edited via Excel or LibreOffice Calc.
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1) Measure shims (or shimless buckets) thickness, input in column "E".
2) Install camshaft and torque your cam cap bolts to spec.
3) Measure actual clearance with feeler gauge between all shims and the back of the lobe (see note 1) and input measurements in column "C".
4) Input desired clearance from your cam card or service manual into column "D".
5) See shim size in column "K" and the associated part number in column "L".
Want it more precise? Follow these extra steps!
6) Highlight cells F7-F18, copy, then highlight G7-G18 and right-click then Paste Special-Values (important, see note 2).
7) Remove camshaft, swap shim sizes that are close in size, then note them on the spreadsheet in column "E".
8) Reinstall camshaft, retorque cam caps, remeasure clearance with feeler gauge, and input NEW values in column "C"
9) COMPARE columns "F" to "G". Column "G" contains the first set of measurements (steps 1-4), and column "F" contains the new measurements (steps 6-8)
10) This spreadsheet is built to look for the highest number between cells "F" and "G". This highest number is closer to your actual clearance between the bottom of the shim and the bottom of the cam lobe.
11) Repeat steps 7 and 8 as many times as you want, if the number in "F" is higher than "G", then type this higher number in "G". The more times you swap similar bucket sizes the more accurate your measurement will be.

Note 1: This measurement is thrown off by the "space above" your feeler gauge. The feeler gauge that slips in will still have a gap above it. If your 0.150 feeler gauge slides in but 0.175 does not, then your true measurement can be anything between 0.150 and 0.174.
Note 2: Pasting "special" and then "values" will only paste the text, if you only select "paste" then you'll paste formulas. You don't want to paste formulas.